Conservative Media Really Pushing Idea That Trump Jr. Will Be 46th President

Donald Trump Jr., who recently published his first book, Triggered, is wildly popular in Conservative circles. He so popular in that world that New Hampshire rally-goers shouted “46” yesterday as Trump Jr. spoke at his father’s event.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Fox News and other Conservative media sources seized on the chants from last night. A number of different media outlets are now pushing the idea that Trump Jr. could become President after his father.

The President’s son appeared on Fox and Friends this morning. He was asked about the chants from last night, and he called them, “very humbling.”

After the interview concluded, Brian Kilmeade gushed, “We just got a chance to witness, possibly, the 46th president of the United States.”

The viral moment has also become a sensation on conservative media.The clip has been shared by sites like Breitbart and by users like Jack Posobiec.

A January poll found that 29% of Republicans said that Trump Jr. would be their first choice for the 2024 Republican nominee. The President’s son said at the time, “Listen, I don’t ever rule anything out. The reality is this. Right now, I like the campaigning part. I actually enjoy some of that fight. I like getting out there and being with real people and seeing the difference that my father and his policies are making in their lives. I don’t know right now at this stage of my life that I would like the day job component of it.”

While Trump Jr. may be popular in Conservative circles, he is wildly unpopular with American voters. A recent YouGov survey found that only 29% of people have a favorable opinion of him compared to 52% negative.

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