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Conservative Legend, George Will: Trump’s Actions Worse Than Nixons

Conservative Legend, George Will: Trump’s Actions Worse Than Nixons

Since he began his career in 1972 with The National Review, George Will has been a giant of conservative politics. He has not adapted well to the presidency of Donald Trump. In June of 2018, Will urged fellow conservatives to reject Republican candidates as a rebuke to the President.

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The pundit recently wrote a book called The Conservative Sensibility. The book, however, did not mention Trump at all. When asked about Trump, Will ripped into the President saying his actions are worse than Nixon’s.

The pundit told host John Berman, “Richard Nixon’s burglaries and other abuses of power were surreptitious. They were secret, and when exposed they were tidied up and we moved on”

He then contrasted Nixon’s acts to Trump’s:

“What Mr. Trump is doing that is damaging to the country is public and constant. It is a bell he’s ringing that can’t be un-rung. He is putting into our civic discourse a level of conversation, and of name-calling, and of abuse that will now seem perfectly normal in the future. Try to imagine any president prior to this one referring overseas to an opponent as he did to Mr. Biden as quoting a dictator — actually misquoting him — saying that Mr. Biden is a low IQ idiot… Our children, if they were 10 years old, we’d send them to their room without supper if they talked like that.”

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The men have long had a frosty relationship. In 2012, then private citizen Trump, tweeted, “George Will may be the dumbest(and most overrated) political commentator of all time. If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose.”


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