Conservative Icon George Will: Hawley and Cruz are Much Worse Than Conspiracy Theorists

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz both have significant educational backgrounds. Hawley graduated from Stanford University before earning a law degree from Yale University. Ted Cruz did his undergrad at Princeton University before attending law school at Harvard.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

With their law backgrounds, both men should understand that there is no proof of Donald Trump’s electoral fraud claims. Still, both men have persisted in backing up the president. According to Conservative icon George Will, this makes them much worse than conspiracy theorists.

Will laid out his thoughts in a recent op-ed for the Washington Post. The piece was entitled, Hawley, Cruz and their Senate cohort are the Constitution’s most dangerous domestic enemies. 

The author opined, “Hawley’s stance quickly elicited panicky emulation from Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, another 2024 aspirant. Cruz led 10 other senators and senators-elect in a statement that presents their pandering to what terrifies them (their Trumpkin voters) as a judicious determination to assess the ‘unprecedented allegations’ of voting improprieties, ‘allegations’ exceeding ‘any in our lifetimes.'”

Will then discusses what he thought Cruz and Hawley’s actual plan was; to rise money. He continued, “Hawley — has there ever been such a high ratio of ambition to accomplishment? — and Cruz have already nimbly begun to monetize their high-mindedness through fundraising appeals.”

The Conservative finished his piece, “Today’s senatorial Grassy Knollers — Hawley, with Cruz and others panting to catch up — are worse (than Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists). They are cynical.”

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