Conservative Host: The WNBA is Uncomfortable About Caitlin Clark Because She's Straight and White

Women's basketball, especially at the college level has never been more popular. The success is heavily due to Caitlin Clark an incredible player for Iowa. Clark will now move onto the WNBA after a college career that saw her smash several records. 

Being that she played on a mostly white team in a Conservative state, many on the Right have rooted for Clark. And when the GOP gets their hands on a person, they then try to generate outrage on that person's behalf. That is what Clay Travis did on Wednesday when he claimed many in the WNBA were uncomfortable with Clark being white and straight. 

Citing no evidence whatsoever, Travis began, "Caitlin Clark is going to the WNBA. Her brand is bigger and more valuable than the entire WNBA, and that is why you are seeing so many people out there attack Caitlin Clark because women's basketball, instead of welcoming her, has actually been ripping her."

Travis continued:

"I think there's many different levels here. I think the fact that she's straight and that she's white does not work in her favor in women's college basketball universe or in the WNBA, because there's a lot of lesbians, and there's a lot of minorities. And I think that does factor in. Being a straight white girl makes people uncomfortable. I'm talking about WNBA people. It's weird, but I think it does."