Conservative Commentator on Trump’s Reelection Odds: ‘Almost doesn’t matter who the Dems nominate’

Conservative talk-show host Steve Deace on Tuesday said that President Donald Trump is likely to risk losing the 2020 election unless he quickly changes his political strategy. Deace said that Trump has to start working on improving the public’s opinion of his presidency.

“Trump’s negatives are approaching it almost doesn’t matter who the Dems nominate territory,” Deace said in a Twitter message. “He needs to spend this year building his presidential resume/stature and favorables back up with the public. He needs to reinforce his own case before going into campaign attack mode.”

Donald Trump
Photo Credit: Flickr

Trump’s approval numbers tanked to just 39.8% during the longest government shutdown in history and he didn’t succeed in getting funding for his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He has the highest disapproval rating compared to any president at this point in his first term despite the relatively strong economy.

Deace then addressed conservatives who say Trump will be OK because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also unpopular.

“It doesn’t matter what Pelosi’s negatives are,” he said in a Twitter message. “They were horrible last November, too, when Dems won 40 seats. They’ve been horrible for years.”

Deace challenged those who think that Trump can win as things stand today.

“RTing for those who naively believe Trump can win as-is because Dems are poised to nominate a communist. If he’s considered a respected/successful president then a Democrat-Soviet cannot win,” Deace said in a Twitter message.

Deace also said that Trump’s history of adultery doesn’t matter by referring to former President Bill Clinton’s election success.

“Those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it,” he said in a Twitter message.

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