Conservative CNN Pundit Scott Jennings Says Trump Sabotaged The Republican Party

Back in 2016, Lindsey Graham famously said the Republican party would be “destroyed” if they nominated Donald Trump. It didn’t happen at first. In fact, the GOP held the House, Senate and White House when Trump took office. But four years later, they’ve lost all 3.

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Mitch McConnell, who realizes that Trump is an albatross around the party’s neck, has begun to feud with the 45th president. Scott Jennings an ally to McConnell, discussed the former president’s impact on the party Thursday on CNN. According to Jennings, Trump’s actions amount to sabotage.

The Conservative pundit began by discussing the Georgia special elections which gave Democrats complete control. “It’s pretty clear what happened,” Jennings began. “A whole bunch of Trump people didn’t turn out because, shockingly, they were listening to Donald Trump when he told them their votes didn’t count anymore. It was a sabotage and it was obvious to anybody who has even a little bit of political professional expertise.”

Jennings continued, “It’s pretty clear that Donald Trump overall was a net drag on the Republicans because we don’t control anything now. He lost the White House, and that was before January the 6th. And so what I think the party has to do is find a way to hold the coalition together.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN’s New Day:


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