Congressman Matt Gaetz Brags About Trump Calling Him Handsome

Matt Gaetz, a Republican U.S. Congressman from Florida, has been in the news quite a bit lately.  Over the course of the past two years or so Gaetz has become one of President Trump’s greatest allies and defenders in Congress.

Just this week Gaetz found himself at the brunt of criticism from Democrats after he appeared to try and intimidate former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, just prior to his testimony before the House Oversight Committee. This has now led to an investigation by the Florida Bar Association.

We all know that Gaetz takes pride in his relationship with the president, and some may say that this reason, and this reason alone is why he has been so insistent on defending virtually ever action that Donald Trump makes.  Other’s say that he defends Trump in order to earn his praise and respect.

It’s hard to argue with either of these claims, especially when you examine one little line of text located in Gaetz’s Twitter profile, first pointed out to HillReporter by news reporter Hayley Milon Bour.

In the text which most people likely don’t even read on the profile of Congressman Gaetz, he includes a quote by Donald Trump about Gaetz himself that reads, “He’s a machine…handsome and going places.”

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