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Congressman Eric Swalwell Compares Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden

Congressman Eric Swalwell Compares Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden

The insurrection on America’s Capitol last week was unprecedented in American history. Donald Trump, who incited the riot, has yet to denounce his supporters or admit his role in the attack. And the President’s actions resulted in him being impeached by Congress yesterday.

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Earlier this week, California Rep. Eric Swalwell was named impeachment manager by Nancy Pelosi. And when Swalwell was asked about Trump’s actions yesterday, he made an interesting comparison. Trump, the California congressman said, incited the Capitol riot in the same way Osama bin Liden incited 9/11.

Swalwell told PBS’s Jody Woodruff, “Osama bin Laden did not enter U.S. soil on Sept. 11, but it was widely acknowledged he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country.”

The California congressman continued, “And the president, with his words, using the words ‘fight,’ with the speakers that he assembled that day, who called for ‘trial by combat’ and said we have to ‘take names and kick ass’, that is hate speech that inspired and radicalized people to storm the Capitol.”

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Woodruff asked Swalwell if he was specifically comparing the actions of Trump to those of bin Laden. He responded, “I’m comparing the words of an individual who would incite and radicalize somebody, as Osama bin Laden did, to what President Trump did. You don’t actually have to commit the violence yourself, but if you call others to violence, that itself is a crime.”


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