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Congressional Republican Is Blaming “Lack Of Natural Immunity” As COVID-19 Patients Pack ICUs

Congressional Republican Is Blaming “Lack Of Natural Immunity” As COVID-19 Patients Pack ICUs

It’s being called a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as hospitals and ICUs report that they have no beds available, and that the majority of their COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated. However, one Republican in Congress, Thomas Massie, wants you to know that he disagrees — it’s not about vaccination, but natural immunity, he claims.

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As recently reported, though vaccination doesn’t offer a 100% guarantee against contracting COVID-19 (as vaccination has never offered a 100% guarantee) it protects significantly against a breakthrough infection, and drastically reduces the risks of both hospitalization and death.

Still, with every infection, the virus has the opportunity to mutate, and with every mutation, there is the possibility of it becoming more transmissible, deadlier, and more resistant to the developed vaccines.

Enter Thomas Massie, who serves as a Representative for Kentucky in Congress. He says it’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but of those without natural immunity.

When he was corrected, with an explanation that essentially no one has “natural immunity” to a new virus, he fired back, calling his critic a “natural immunity denier.”

“Natural immunity deniers are the new flat earthers, except the flat earthers have better arguments and more data,” he declared, hashtagging the post “#SassyWithMassie.”

Massie is lashing out at vaccine mandates, following a campaign against mask mandates, and declared that those who have already been vaccinated are just pushing mandates because they “aren’t happy with the effectiveness” of the vaccines.

Of course, aside from ignoring the fact of herd immunity, Massie is sidestepping an important detail: it’s possible to acquire immunity, on purpose, with virtually no risk, via a vaccine. Natural immunity, on the other hand, acquired by infection, carries significant risks for death, or for long-term health effects.

The other difference between “natural immunity” and vaccination? It’s documented and verifiable that those who have obtained immunity via vaccine are less likely to end up infected, in the hospital, or dead.

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