Congress Member Who Said “Hitler Was Right” Linked To Militia-Stickered Truck At Capitol Riot

Several members of U.S. Congress have ties (of varying degrees) to the groups or ideologies involved in the January 6th insurrection attempt. Now one Congresswoman turns out to be married to the owner of a vehicle emblazoned with far-right militia imagery, that was at the Capitol that day. Unsurprisingly, it’s the same Congresswoman who declared “Hitler was right” in a video on the grounds during the protests before the attack.

Miller denies understanding 3 %er sticker on truck
[Image via Mary Miller/Twitter]

The Daily Beast reported the bombshell news that a truck bearing a logo for the 3 Percenters — a far right militia that opposes government, named, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center for a belief that only 3% of colonists fought against British rule — belongs to the husband of newly-elected Representative Mary Miller (R-IL).

The information came via Twitter users who pored over images and videos from the day, picking out individuals and vehicles and working to identify them. In the image below, the truck in question has a 3 Percenter logo in the rear window, and with a plate registered in Illinois with an image of the Capitol building — identifying an owner who is an Illinois politician.

Rep Miller’s husband, Chris, who is a Representative at the state level himself, admitted that the truck was his, but claimed ignorance about the sticker, insisting that he had festooned his vehicle with the logo of a far-right militia group without ever first finding out what it was.

It’s not clear whether Rep. Mary Miller was using the truck that day, or whether her husband was in attendance at the Capitol.

However, Rep. Miller was on hand the day before, when she was caught on video telling a crowd at a Mothers for America rally that Hitler had at least one thing right. You can even hear her identify herself before the bizarre pronouncement — “They said Mary, we need you because you represent the family….Hitler was right on one thing: he said whoever has the youth, has the future.”

Fun fact: it’s possible to declare that children are the future without connecting it to a Nazi sentiment. It has been done, and can be done. It’s not necessary to invoke Hitler unless the speaker chooses to, either for their own reasons or for the desired audience.

According to the Belleville-News Democrat, her fellow Illinois Republican Representative Mike Bost said he spoke with her at length while they were sequestered in a secure location during the Capitol breach, and urged her to apologize for the Hitler reference, and she later did issue an apology.

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