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“Congress Can’t Have A Holocaust Denial Caucus” American Jewish Congress Warns Republicans

“Congress Can’t Have A Holocaust Denial Caucus” American Jewish Congress Warns Republicans

The American Jewish Congress is responding after another Republican House member spoke in support of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) antisemitic comparisons of mask mandates to the treatment of Jewish people in the Holocaust.

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Greene, despite denying that she had compared mask regulations to the Holocaust, issued an apology for the comparison.

However, she was widely called out for the fauxpology. The AJC, among others, said that they did not accept the apology.

American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen said that the comments are not acceptable from a member of Congress, and that they’re dangerous.

There should be no place in American political dialogue for equating the extermination of six million Jews with life-saving medical intervention. This type of theater is not merely outrageous, it is dangerous: diminishing the atrocities committed by Nazis is tantamount to denial.

Representative Paul Gosar responded to that criticism, tweeting that Greene is “as America treasure” and that she shouldn’t have apologized for the appalling comparison.

To that, the AJC issued a warning that included not only Greene and Gosar, but any Holocaust denial in Congress.

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Congress can’t have a “Holocaust denial caucus.”

Condoning Marjorie Taylor Greene’s outrageous Holocaust statements is shameful.

Playing politics with the greatest atrocity in human history means crossing a line.

Americans deserve better.

Gosar is already in the middle of his own controversy, after he claimed that Ashli Babbit, shot as she crawled through a broken window in the Capitol Building, was “executed” by an officer ‘lying in wait.”

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