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Congress’ Approval Rating Jumps 7 Points Following Start Of Impeachment Inquiry

Congress’ Approval Rating Jumps 7 Points Following Start Of Impeachment Inquiry

Many have speculated, prior to the announcement of an impeachment inquiry from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in late September, that such calls for impeachment against President Donald Trump could cause harm to Democrats in a political way, perhaps even hurting their congressional or presidential election aspirations in 2020.

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Polling on the matter, however, seems to demonstrate that such concerns are overblown.

A Gallup poll released on Wednesday morning finds that Congress’ approval rating sits at 25 percent in October. While that number sounds dismally low, it’s actually an improvement — up seven points from when Gallup asked the question in September, and the highest approval the legislative branch has had since March of this year.

The approval rating of political parties in general, Gallup noted, was decidedly increased for Democrats, while it stayed the same month-to-month for Republicans. GOP lawmakers in Congress received a 17 percent approval rating in October, virtually unchanged from September, while Democrats saw their October approval rating at 34 percent — a jump of 16 points from the month prior.

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On the question of impeachment, the Gallup poll found that 52 percent of Americans support the inquiry, and subsequent removal of, Trump from the White House. Forty-six percent said they were not supportive of impeachment efforts.

The poll’s results almost line up perfectly with a Fox News poll that found 51 percent supported impeaching and removing Trump from office.

That poll has been criticized by Trump and his supporters in recent days after a New York Post article suggested that it overrepresented Democratic respondents in its findings. However, polling experts questioned the Post’s analysis, arguing that the criticisms of the Fox News poll were, in fact, unfounded, Mediaite reported.

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