Confused Trump: Jack Smith is 'Trying to Get Guilty Plea From the Supreme Court' [VIDEO]

Jack Smith has Donald Trump figured out. The man in charge of federally prosecuting the former President knew that Trump would try to use the Supreme Court to get out of trouble, hoping that the justices he placed on the bench would protect him. 

So Smith asked the court to decide on Trump's immunity claims in advance. An irritated Trump complained about Smith's actions last night in Iowa but sounded quite confused while doing so. 

The former President began, "And, you know, now they’re saying, ‘Let’s rush it to the Supreme– we gotta rush it, rush it, rush it. They could have started three years ago. Everything– nothing changed. They could have started three years ago, but they didn’t. They started just recently with this crap."

Trump closed:

"And then they saw I was running and they waited and then they saw I was hot. And they filed lawsuits. These are very dishonest people. That’s called election interference. These are very– and now they’re fighting like hell because they want to try and get a guilty plea from the Supreme Court of the United States, which I can’t imagine, ’cause you have presidential immunity. But strange things happen. But they want to get that because that’s the only way they’re going to win the election. It’s a very sick thing."