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Confront Corruption And Donald Trump At Sundown [Find An Event Near You]

Confront Corruption And Donald Trump At Sundown [Find An Event Near You]

An organized nationwide event that promises to Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy will be held tonight, Wednesday, July 18, at sundown. The event, a candlelight vigil, will be held at various locations throughout the United States.

The following message on the event’s website sums up the needs for more protests:

“Across the nation on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, we will Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy with a candlelight vigil at sundown.

From attacks on the rule of law to conflicts of interest, ethics violations and flagrant abuse of government offices for personal gain, the corruption of the American government by the President, his associates and many in his party has reached a new, profound low.

Officials are trading on the power invested in our institutions for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of the American people. From attacks on the Russia investigation to ethics scandals in the highest offices in the land, we must reject attempts to shield corruption from political consequences, public scrutiny, and legal accountability.

These issues are on top of years of challenges to the basic health of our democracy: from money in politics to attempts to shape congressional districts to manipulate outcomes and laws written intentionally to exclude voters from participating in our democracy.

Together, we must confront corruption and demand democracy: here are our demands.”

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The demands are simple:

  1. Our democracy must ensure the freedom to vote and have that vote counted.
  2. Our democracy must be honest.
  3. Our democracy must have meaningful participation.
  4. Our democracy must provide transparency into our government and our elections.
  5. Our democracy must be responsive.

You can find an event near you and send an RSVP HERE.

Remember, a Democracy is only as strong at the people who fight to support it. Together we are stronger as we saw on Tuesday when Donald Trump was forced to backtrack on his Russian hacking claims after his constituents on both sides of the aisle demanded better from the POTUS.

You can also learn more about the Confront Corruption: Demand Democracy event on their official Facebook page.

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