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[COMMENTARY] What If Trump Actually Wins?

[COMMENTARY] What If Trump Actually Wins?

First, I started this account in earnest just a little over two years ago. It started as somewhat of a joke, but quickly, it began to grow into something much bigger than that. I cannot thank you all enough for helping to make my feed what it is today. I provide news stories from some of the top left-leaning progressive websites using RSS technology to ensure that not only is the feed accurate, but ALWAYS current. I pride myself on the lack of fact checks sent to me, and when warranted, I correct my mistakes.

The world now seems so dependent on instant-gratification and feedback, not only just for our incessant needs for information but we now even need to know how well our messages are being received. Did we get enough “likes, Retweets, shares, etc.?” The whole world of social media has changed everything, and here we are…nearing the 30-day mark in an election that could very well lead us down a path towards civil war, or even anarchy (if you believe everything you read on the internet.).

Well-known Trump supporter James Woods penned three sentences recently which may help explain just how Trump assures his victory this November. “Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive, and raw. But he loves America more than any President in my lifetime.” I don’t dare even begin to debate that last statement of Woods simply for fear of raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I don’t even have any problem with Woods saying that Trump is a “rough individual,” (even though that ought to be a bit better well-chosen.) When James Woods went on to write that “He is vain, insensitive, and raw,” well that’s when the sirens and buzzers started going off inside my head.

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When has it been okay to have a president that is vain, insensitive, and raw? According to Woods, that time is now, but I take great umbrage to the lack of profundity (even stupidity) offered in the statement and choose not to address something so ignorant and devoid of any logic whatsoever. Which led me somehow down the dark path of my mind which occasionally asks myself the question, What if Donald Trump actually wins this thing?

And just exactly HOW are we planning to declare a winner this year, anyway? With the announcement of Amy Barett Cohen to the Supreme Court and an obvious push to confirm her quickly, should there be little doubt that in the event of a contested election, where her allegiances are likely to lie?

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And then there are the fringe groups to contend with. Make no mistakes there are fringe groups on both sides that would like to take up arms and start shooting the moments they see the whites of their opponent’s eyes. I see the lines at the guns store here in Las Vegas daily, and without asking political affiliation…one takeaway is clear. Las Vegans are weaponizing rapidly. I say this not to scare. I don’t know who’s buying all of these guns, but people are buying them, and I can’t help to ask myself why we seemed so convinced that the time to arm ourselves against each other has come.

I DO fear a massive civil disruption in the event of a Donald Trump victory, no matter whether the victory is legal or stolen. I fear more deaths, fewer civil liberties. I fear fewer rights for those that are constantly and already oppressed. I fear that for the next four years I may be writing about the end of our Democratic system of government, and I’ve never been more terrified of that very real possibility.

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Please vote for Joe Biden on November 3rd.


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