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[COMMENTARY] What If Elon Musk Used His Billions to Actually Help Other People?

[COMMENTARY] What If Elon Musk Used His Billions to Actually Help Other People?

We’ve all played the “if I had a million dollars” game, which eventually became “if I had a billion” and then “if I had Elon Musk’s billions of dollars,” which also could be a Barenaked Ladies song parody.

But seriously, if I had that kind of unfathomable wealth, the kind where you couldn’t spend it all by yourself in one lifetime, of course there’s plenty I’d do with it. But let’s start with what I wouldn’t do: I wouldn’t try to buy Twitter because my ego needed even more of a boost, that’s for sure.

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First of all, Elon Musk is probably not going to be able to buy Twitter because the Board of Directors won’t let him. They adopted aΒ β€œpoison pill” defense that makes it close to impossible for Musk or any other investor to buy Twitter without their approval. He owns 9% of the company at the moment and made an offer to buy it for $43 billion.

That number is just crazy. Go buy Truth Social, Elon, you could get it for like $50,000 and a good lawyer’s phone number. Plus, there’s no one there right now to tell you what to do, so you can make your own rules. But then who would give him all of that free negative attention he craves?

I mean, I have other suggestions for him aside from getting his own social media app because he can’t have Twitter. I’m not just here to criticize, but to find solutions!

Even $1billion spread across those charities would make a huge difference. Or the SpaceX stuff redirected to climate action on the planet we’re never going to leave. But whatever, I’m just a poor little writer girl who gets excited when I get a $15 payout from Rakuten.


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