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[COMMENTARY] ‘We Want to Go Back to the Middle Ages’: The GQP Is Out to Make America God’s Altar

[COMMENTARY] ‘We Want to Go Back to the Middle Ages’: The GQP Is Out to Make America God’s Altar

Strap in, Dear Reader. Your atheist contributor here is about to go off on the Jeebus freaks in the GQP.

Let me lay out my pre-argument before I put them on blast yet again: no one is born believing in anything. If you want to think your faith is some unique precious thing where your silent head thoughts are heard by anyone except yourself, that’s fine for you, but you don’t get to push your belief system on anyone else. And you certainly don’t get to govern the United States of America because you believe in the invisible Sky Daddy and whatever your version of the Bible says about him. And as far as the Bible goes? It’s like the graphic novel at the heart of “Station Eleven” that connects a lot of the characters, each of whom has a different take on its meaning: IT’S JUST A STORY, kids.

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The reason I’m saying all of this is because there are people in Congress right now who don’t believe in basic bodily autonomy or climate change or anything else proven by science but they believe in every passage of the Bible. At least, the ones that are the most convenient for their current arguments, anyway. Cherry-picking both the Bible AND the Constitution is how the GQP now wants to rule this country. But the Capitol is not a cathedral. I don’t want to hear the word “God” from the Senate or House floors. I don’t think anyone should be sworn in on a Bible or have to say “So help me God” when taking a LEGAL oath. There always should be a separation of Church and State. FASCISM IS BAD, dummies.

If Lauren Boebert is a leading voice in the movement to bring more Jeebus into the government, you have to know these people are in several cults at the same time. I can’t stress this enough: if you want to go sit in church every Sunday and pretend that talking to someone in your head makes any difference out in the real world, have fun disassociating from the reality here on Earth One for a moment. But the cult mentality is real, and it’s scary when the sheeple are this stupid, scared, and assembled. Listen to them chanting this cult crap. It’s TERRIFYING.

Even worse, mediocre repressed white Christofascist Nick Fuentes is off his meds and is suggesting full control of women, the LGBTQ community, and the population itself. If enough people start believing this, we’re in very serious trouble.

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