[COMMENTARY/WATCH] ‘Why Is Donald Trump a Free Man?’

Ah, THE Question. There are plenty of glib answers anytime someone poses the seemingly rhetorical question of just if/when Donald Trump will ever be held accountable for his many transgressions against American democracy and the rule of law, and what that accountability would look like. Before the years 2016-2021, he was as regular a citizen as anyone else as far as what the law says. But his father’s name and money protected him to the point where he cultivated the nickname “Teflon Don”, because no lawsuit or alleged crime could ever be made to stick to a guy so bad at laundering money he bankrupted two casinos.

But after outrunning (or, in Donald’s case, out golf-carting) the IRS forever, his past finally caught up to him earlier this month when 15 charges were brought against the Trump Organization, which has quietly fired CFO Allen Weisselberg as it faces a complete dismantling with more charges on the way. Amateur prognosticators are making bets over which Trump child will throw the rest of the family under the biggest legal bus in recent history. They’re all still free, but honestly, for how long? And will Donald really ever pay for anything he’s ever done?

The twice-impeached two-time loser of the Popular Vote is still trying to win the election he lost nearly nine months ago while desperately grifting his base to pay the last lawyer in America who’ll represent him. The average American citizen watches him get away with things we’d already have been sentenced for before this sentence was typed, so why does he get a pass again and again?

It’s a frustrating fact of life here on Earth One that the idiocracy of Earth Two will occasionally bleed over, but that doesn’t mean we have to just take it.

While regular people may ask just how anyone thinks anyone named Trump is running for anything in 2024 except maybe Inmate of the Month, MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross devoted her “Make It Make Sense” segment to discuss how there are actually people who think that Donald’s legal woes could actually help him in 2024. Remember when it was bad to be a criminal and a traitor?

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