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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Trump Can’t Even Remember the Name of His Social Media App At Ohio Rally

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Trump Can’t Even Remember the Name of His Social Media App At Ohio Rally

Another weekend, another Trump ego rally in a battleground state where TFG is endorsing the worst possible person in his obvious attempt to dismantle our voting system from within.

Trump galumphed all the way to Ohio, where he gave another mealymouthed ramble of a bloviation that included plenty of election lies and name-calling along with some words that aren’t actually found in the human English vernacular. Oh, and Trump said some stuff, too.

Wook at dose widdle fists!

Trump was there ostensibly to support opportunistic grifter and Hillbilly Effigy JD Vance, who was a vocal critic of all things MAGA until he realized he couldn’t win as a Republican without King Baby’s blessing. The Ohio GOP definitely has a better memory than Trumbo, but when has craven ambition ever stopped anyone connected to Trump?

Here’s what Vance said Saturday night to the poorly educated: “It took me a little bit longer to come along to the president,” Vance told the crowd, but he said he warmed up to Trump as he prioritized being hard on China, cutting taxes and fighting abortion. “But, ladies and gentlemen, the thing that Trump revealed more than any policy achievement is that we are living in an incredibly corrupt country,” Vance said. Sure, JD, a country where your moronic supporters think Princess Diana is still alive, way to be!

There was no mention of anything that might make Trump look…oh, what’s the word…guilty. The Velveeta Voldemort didn’t talk about Kevin McCarthy or the giant bus he drove right over MAGA-Lago, but he said other dumb stuff.

While the stupid people are still the minority, I’ll once again demand that we be louder. Especially when Dear Leader is clearly sundowning at such an exponential rate, he can’t even remember the name of the app he created to grift even more dumb people.

What language was that? Again, I beg you with all of my heart, BE LOUDER THAN THE STUPIDS.





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