[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Texas Dem Talarico Shuts Down Fox News Host: ‘Tell Your Viewers Trump Lost’

When Texas Democrats decided they’d rather leave the state-and they took a nice chartered plane, they didn’t “flee”– than being forced to vote on the horrific voting rights bill and other antiquated issues from their Republican colleagues, the GOP tried to mount a retaliatory social media campaign that continues to backfire on them spectacularly. Really, Ted Cruz, you’re going to say something about elected officials leaving a state at an important time? Oh, you weren’t talking about yourself and your “little wheelie bag” as Brian Williams called it, you were trying to drag Texas Dems for not wanting to set their state back to 1835, got it.

The Republican Party continues to suffer from selective memory loss, choosing to ignore Cruz’s flight to Cancun and other pesky little details like most women don’t know they’re pregnant at six weeks or what happened on January 6th. The ostrich approach to life usually stops working for humans at around age four, so please don’t act like we’re not seeing the same things you’re pretending you’re not seeing.

(Photo by MARK FELIX/AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

Texas is trying like Gilead to have full rule over women’s bodies as well as Black and Brown votes. Texas Democrats set a new precedent by depriving them of the quorum they need to pass any bills. Far away from home, the Texas Dems are safe from any legal action by the State of Texas–they cannot be arrested, despite some right-wing messaging circulating on social media. The question about what happens when they all come home remains unanswered, but one thing that Texas Democrats continue to do is hold Republicans accountable.

Witness a somewhat newbie to the national scene who wasn’t intimidated by a veteran Fox News anchor. James Talarico brought some real Pete Buttigieg energy to his head-to-head with Pete Hegseth, never backing down from supporting his fellow Dems. Talarico also did what we all want any Democrat who goes on Fox to do: he challenged Hegseth to tell his viewers that Donald Trump lost the election. Witness that glory and the rest of the interview that should solidify Talarico as a favorite for the left.



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