[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Stephen Colbert Deep-Fries Lindsey Graham Over Chick-Fil-A Lawsuit

Lindsey Graham can let a lot of things slip, like Donald Trump fully compromising him on a golf course or a bunch of rioters trying to overthrow the government during an insurrection. But don’t you dare mess with his chicken sandwiches.

Graham has made a public vow to back Chick-Fil-A, the oddly named Southern fast-food chain that claims to make the most beloved fried chicken sandwich in the country (although Popeye’s would beg to differ), and which is closed on Sundays because Jesus. The company has been plagued by controversy and protests for years thanks to its CEO’s support of anti-LGBTQIA candidates and donations to Christian groups which have also openly opposed the gay community.

Lindsey Graham chooses Trump over country in re defense spending
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
A group of students at Notre Dame, one of the country’s most elite private Catholic universities, is protesting the opening of a Chick-Fil-A on campus and wrote a letter to CEO Dan Cathy. The letter writers, Tilly Keeven-Glascock and Joey Jegier accused Chick-fil-A of donating millions to ‘queerphobic groups,’ which they said include the nonprofit Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They also objected to owner Dan Cathy’s personal donations to organizations like the National Christian Charitable Foundation, which they alleged “funds hate groups.”

This apparently was just too much for Lindsey “Anybody Know Where Madison Cawthorn’s At?” Graham, who rose up out of the bottom of the whiskey bottle where he’s been living since 2016 to take up for the Chicken Man. Graham displayed more passion for an establishment where your food is handed to you through a window than he displayed for American democracy after Congress reconvened in the wee hours of January 7th to finish what they’d started that morning.

A sitting Republican Senator tweeted this where other people could read it and he hasn’t deleted it. Graham tweeted no such thing for Officer Brian Sicknick. I don’t recall him ever claiming to have Officer Michael Fanone’s back. But hey, Jesus Chicken is worth a Twitter thread, okay Linds.

Stephen Colbert, who is famously devoutly Catholic himself while also being capable of still living in reality, spent some time on his late-night show to give Lindsey the kind of tongue lashing he’s been getting dragged for (Warning: ew.)

“Lindsey Graham isn’t the first person will to go to war over fast food,” the “Late Show” segment explained. It then reimagined clips from the movies Independence Day, Braveheart, and Gladiator. Check it out, below.

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