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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Rick Wilson Accuses Mega-MAGA Rep. Elise Stefanik of Leaking Kevin McCarthy Tapes

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Rick Wilson Accuses Mega-MAGA Rep. Elise Stefanik of Leaking Kevin McCarthy Tapes

In case no one ever told you, we don’t have to be nice to the people we suspect of committing treason. In fact, serving the GOP their own behinds to them on the daily is my life’s blood, and you can’t make me stop, because the First Amendment! We’re supposed to call out hypocrisy at the tops of our lungs until the mainstream media hears us and actually covers what’s going on within the Republican Party right now.

First of all, I think we all know by now that Putin compromised Trump and groomed him for years, then used him as a human bridge to walk right smack into the middle of the RNC to take it over thanks to some simple hacking. That’s how we got Hillary’s risotto recipe but not the kompromat on Lindsey Graham. Blackmail is a HELL of a thing, innit?

Elise Stefanik contemplating how many times she’ll need to drive the bus over Kevin McCarthy to silence him [Comment: your author. Photo: Getty Images]

One member of the GOP I especially despise is Rep. Elise “Eternal 5th Grade Bully” Stefanik (Q-NY), who could really use a personal stylist as well as a history lesson about what happens to people who choose to be loyal to a Russian dictator instead of the United States. She’s like if a potato sack became somewhat sentient and accessorized with the ugliest orthopedic shoes it could find, then committed treason while being a mealymouthed MAGA moron. Elise cannot tell the truth about anything, and both of her Twitter accounts are filled with all of the bad “isms” and “phobias” we’ve come to expect from the dumpster fire that is today’s Republican Party.

Elise “Trashy” Stefanik is so openly ambitious and conniving that she’s (figuratively) obtained a commercial driver’s license so she can drive the biggest bus she can find right over anyone who’s standing between her and Donald Trump. And right now, she’s revving up that gas guzzler with one of her big ugly shoes to flatten Kevin McCarthy.

At least, that’s what political strategist Rick Wilson thinks. Rick coined the phrase “Everything Trump Touches Dies” (ETTD), and I guess Trump did a whole lot of Bad Touch on Elise “Daddy Issues Are My Default Setting” Stefanik, because she would literally do anything for him. And, EWWWW, Elise Step-On-Them. Abuse isn’t love, you sadistic sack of sedition. I think she’s ignoring me, though. Weird how she talks all MAGA Mean Girl Tough but never responds to the little Twitter lady.

Anyway, Rick thinks Trashy Stefanik is the one who leaked the recorded conversation between Rep. Kevin “Qevin” McCarthy and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) that he’s pretending doesn’t exist.

Rick joined “The Reid Out” on Friday to discuss the GOP’s plot to overthrow the government and shared his speculation that Trashy Stefanik is the one who’ll do anything for Trump to get ahead. Kevin McCarthy just might need a food taster after all. Watch their discussion below, and don’t forget: Elise Stefanik is a traitor to the United States, but so is Kevin McCarthy. Watch the panel discussion below.



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