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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] New Don Winslow Video Exposes Boebert’s ‘Monstrous’ Moves

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] New Don Winslow Video Exposes Boebert’s ‘Monstrous’ Moves

When both “Bobo” and “#LaurenBoebertIsAMonster” are trending on Twitter, you know Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert is rightly being roasted.

Boebert was one of the speakers at the three-day grift fest disguised as CPAC, the second such gathering of the year because the Florida Retiree has extensive lawyer fees to pay and the money has to come from anywhere except his own bank account. And she definitely performed for the base, knocking President Joe Biden and his administration by saying things like, “We’re here to tell the government we don’t want your benefits, we don’t want your welfare. Don’t come knocking on my door with your Fauci Ouchi, you leave us the hell alone,” Boebert told the CPAC crowd.

Let’s unpack that CPAC hackery for a second here. First of all, her “restaurant”, where the servers wear loaded guns in holsters while bringing people food not meant for humans, accepted over $200,000 in PPP loans. So tell us more about how you don’t want the government’s help, Bobo.

Second, as a still-somehow-sitting member of Congress, there’s every reason to believe Bobo got her shot a while back on the downlow, just like her Dear Leader. And speaking of the former guy, he was at the other CPAC back in February where he told everyone to get vaccinated. So why Boebert was up there cheering on the anti-vaxxers when they’re actually defying what Daddy Don wants is a little strange. But hey! No one ever accused Miss GED On Her Third Try While On The Campaign Trail of having any smarts.

“We’ve been living under tyrannical rule that wants to keep us separated. Keep us isolated. Keep us locked down and muzzle our children,” Bobo said. “That is not the American dream and we are fighting to expose their agenda and make sure we have these God-given rights that’s guaranteed to us not by corrupt politicians but by God almighty.”

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, BOBO. It’s like you don’t know about the Constitution past the 2nd Amendment or something.

It’s pretty false of her to act like she’s one of the anti-vaxxers when Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t let her walk into the House if she was still unvaccinated. But she has to keep throwing red meat to the masses, even if her restaurant once caused a mass outbreak of food poisoning.

Speaking of her restaurant, #KarenBoebert also trended over the weekend thanks to an incident involving comedian and filmmaker Toby Morton, where a potential burner account for Bobo was also inadvertently exposed.

It’s pretty tough to keep up with all of Bobo’s qrazy, but filmmaker Don Winslow released a new video about Bobo on Sunday called–you guessed it–“#Lauren Boebert Is A Monster”, which encapsulates the latest terrible, which includes her dismissing the deaths of over 600,000 Americans as a “Fauci Ouchie” and other monstrous things she’s done. Enjoy!


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