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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Maddow: Trump’s Efforts to Undermine Future Elections Now Out in the Open

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Maddow: Trump’s Efforts to Undermine Future Elections Now Out in the Open

We do what we can here at Hill Reporter to keep people informed about the day-to-day doings in the world, but sometimes we also step out of the straightforward news lane here to deliver a commentary such as the one you’re reading now. I recognize mine is just one voice out here on the internets, and whether you found this via your social media app of choice or by a Google search, it’s miraculous you saw it all, because there’s so much out there.

So when I began screaming about the Trump-led plan to dismantle our voting system from within on this site all the way back in September 2021, it didn’t cause as much of a ripple in the Universe as I would have liked, although it did trigger Matt Gaetz. Six of one, as they say.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Vladimir Putin’s long game is finally paying off. Imagine the GOP is like Stephen King’s fictional Maine town of ‘Salem’s Lot. First, the head vampire Barlow (Putin) infects a local dullard (Trump), who then goes on to turn his closest friends, and soon enough, the whole GOP is a bunch of bloodsuckers bent on taking over not just the town, but the whole country. They’re still the minority, but they have a willing cult army behind them who seem to have the stamina to try to wear us down and chase us out of Maine all the way down to Mexico.

For those who’ve never read “Salem’s Lot,” that’s my way of saying Putin compromised Trump, then the rest of the GOP when both the RNC and DNC servers were hacked but we only saw dirt on Democrats. Even the implication that Putin might have something unspeakable on them was enough to blackmail the Republican Party into willful submission. They’re selling out America because of whatever’s on their hard drives that gets them hard (sorry, there’s been a lot of GOP junk talk lately).

But still, I kept trying. I wrote about Trump’s handpicked MAGA candidates. We covered the fake electors, the Trump legal team falling apart. As Trump’s choices have become increasingly bizarre (JD Vance, Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker) and decided by “disloyalties” and perceived slights, it’s only become more obvious what they’re doing.

Thankfully, Rachel Maddow is back, and Jane Mayer of The New Yorker is onto Trump’s plan as well, she’s just coming at it from a slightly different angle. What matters is hopefully more people will talk about this now. More people will worry about keeping our elections secure and away from compromised bad actors set on fracturing America. If Republicans regain control of Congress, not only are they going to block any bill President Joe Biden tries to get passed, but they’re going to block all of his judicial nominees. Maybe now I won’t have to scream as loudly anymore.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s full segment, below.

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