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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Kentucky Woman Goes Viral After Cursing Out Rand Paul

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Kentucky Woman Goes Viral After Cursing Out Rand Paul

Rand Paul says rural areas could have mail two days a week

Alexis Toon, you’re our newest Shero.

The Kentucky resident was enjoying a very viral moment over the weekend when a phone call she made to chat co-hosted live on TikTok by Kentucky QAnon Senator/sentient human box of Ogilvy Home Perm Rand Paul and the world’s worst wig that also had a woman beneath it who was monitoring the phones was being shared everywhere. In just a few seconds, Alexis spoke for all those who have watched Rand Paul get away with spreading COVID in the Senate, hand-delivering a letter to Putin from Trump on July 4th, creating a fake medical board to make it seem like he was still an accredited eye doctor when he most definitely is not, etc.

Rand Paul says he was attacks..
[Photo Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images]
Alexis Toon probably told the phone screener–if there even was one—that she was a “proud Kentucky resident” and left it there so she could get through to finish that thought. After all, she only had two more words to say after that. Also, there’s no explanation for that wig, which seems to have a life of its own. And I have no idea what’s on that woman’s head, either (*rimshot*).

Alexis got through, whatever the process. And then live on TikTok for all to see, hear, and record to share endlessly on social media, Alexis Toon told the Kentucky Goon to “get f*cked”, and now she’ll probably get a book deal out of it or something.

Here’s Alexis Toon verifying that yes, she real and she’s spectacular.

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Alexis Toon joins Dave Bailey, aka the Montana Man, in securing a place in our collective cultural legacy when they each took the reins and displayed true patriotism that left each of their targets sputtering for some kind of recovery.

Here it is again, just because there’s no getting tired of it. Thank you, Alexis! I’m sure we’ll see you on one if not all of the late-night shows this week.

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