[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Humorist David Sedaris Roasts Trump and ‘Phony Undecided Voters’

We have now entered a new phase in the way history is going to remember Donald Trump. With the not-very-shocking revelation from The Guardian on Thursday that Trump was taken advantage of by Vladimir Putin and used as his personal political puppet (next week, expect a revelatory expose on the heating properties of fire), expect more gloves to come off as more speak out against Trump’s obvious treason and ineptitude.

Sometimes it’s a smart thing to step outside the world of politics to get observations from others whose job it is to observe the world as a whole. Wordsmiths who can see things a bit more objectively because they’re never going to run for office or host a news program are always fascinating to listen to, because they bring a perspective that’s emotionally detached from the issues. Like a therapist, they present the issue from an angle that you might not have considered before.

Essayist David Sedaris has made a career out of observing human behavior and his own unique reactions to his fellow humans often bring such startling revelations that the reader finds themselves bent over with laughter. In his early works like “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, Sedaris shared slices of life with a dry and droll sarcasm that became his signature (along with his killer impression of Billie Holliday, which must be heard to be believed.

The Grammy-winning Sedaris sat down with MSNBC’s Ari Melber for an extended take on Trump and those ‘undecided’ voters (“How could you NOT have chosen by now?” he muses) that aren’t actually undecided about anything. Watch their sparkling and hilarious conversation, below.

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