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Commentary: Watch How Hard Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Tease A 2024 Plan For His Dad

Commentary: Watch How Hard Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Tease A 2024 Plan For His Dad

Donald Trump Jr. is named as the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, and has served as an advisor to his father, who was, at the time, President of the United States. He has maintained proximity to his father’s political career, and is by definition the ultimate “Trump insider.”

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Rumble]

So, why is he pretending that he’s got to glean hints about his own father’s 2024 plans by picking out details from video clips?

“Did my dad just drop a huge hint about 2024?” Donald Jr. asks in a newly-released video.

“We’re gonna take back the Senate, take back the House, take back the White House,” the former president says in a clip that his son appears to be carefully analyzing.

“When he says ‘we’re gonna take back the White House,’ hey, as far as I’m concerned, he’s the leader of the Conservative movement right now,” Jr. declares, going on to ask viewers to ponder whether this could possibly mean Trump is running in 2024.

Meanwhile, according to people who are close to Trump, the ex-president is actually spinning wild fantasies of being back in office by late summer. That doesn’t sound much like a man who’s making any serious plans for a 2024 campaign.

Of course, what Trump Jr. also knows better than the public is what the family is expecting from their various legal troubles, and what exactly investigators could uncover.

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In his video, he goes on to say that he’ll ask his dad later this week if he’s planning to run in 2024.

Let’s parse this message though: Trump Jr. is telling us that he has to watch video clips of his own father and make guesses about whether he’ll run for office again, and will have to wait until later this week to verify.

He can’t call or text his father, before he records a video message of his own? He can’t say, “Hey, Dad, I saw your video, did you decide to run for office again and forget to tell me?” He’s trying to sell us on the idea that his father would drop hints in a video, but keep his plans from his eldest son?

If anything, the video seems to confirm only that Donald Trump has not declared, even to his family, any intention of running in 2024, if Donald Jr. feels the need to let us all know that even he is only guessing. His post does not include direct links to any fundraisers, but the Trump Campaign is still sending out fundraising texts — though they seem to suggest he believes he’s still POTUS currently, rather than considering a run.

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