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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Donald Trump’s No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Donald Trump’s No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Week

Donald Trump is on a losing streak, and it’ll be interesting to see just how much losing his base can stand. You know, since they were promised so much winning, which is the literal opposite of what’s been happening lately. Is your schadenfreude at your preferred temperature? Great, let’s drink it up together as we dive in.

Basically, all of liberal Twitter has been like this all week:



While Trump has been like this:

Sorry SO NOT sorry, King Baby. Karma must’ve been storing up a whole lot for you and your family in some storage unit in Long Island City, because it’s all coming down now. There’s pretty much no way to justify taking classified documents from the White House home with you to Florida, so there’s that talking point for any Democrat running in the midterms. His base is also having a really hard time coming up with any false equivalence arguments to distract from being forced to comply with a subpoena. Also, everyone has already rolled out Trump’s famous “Only the mob takes the Fifth” meme, despite Eric “Tweedledee AND Tweedledum” Trump already doing so over 500 times in his own deposition, so if Donald tries is, he’ll get dragged all over the socials and he knows it.

It’s fun watching Trumpworld implode after four years of him twisting us all into anxiety knots on the daily. It’s really hard to say who’s enjoying it the most, but it’s not really a contest when we’re all winning here.

Can you taste that? It’s definitely more delicious than those documents Trump ate, that’s for sure.

All of us are this perfectly smug freeze-frame of Joyce White Vance and Jill Wine-Banks, who have each clearly been enjoying the Trump schadenfreude as well. Let’s watch!

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