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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Because Florida: DeSantis Doomed Due to Disney Dissolution

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Because Florida: DeSantis Doomed Due to Disney Dissolution

It’s a really bad idea to make your own constituents mad at you when you’re trying to get re-elected, but Gov. Ron DeSantis (Q-FL) lives every day like it’s Opposite Day, because Florida.

When he’s not busy taking away body autonomy from anyone with a uterus or being openly racist while also negating the existence of the entire LGBTQIA+ community, DeathSantis has been busy fighting with Disney, because he wants his kids to hate him, I guess. And also, of course, because Florida.

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Turns out, it’s also a bad idea to piss off your state’s biggest tourist draw, Ronny, who knew? Your state’s tax collector, for one. I guess you forgot that your personal vendetta against the one thing that makes your state tolerable besides producing citrus fruit will also impact millions of Florida taxpayers, including the thousands of whom also work for Disney AND vote, huh? If I’m not being clear enough, you’re putting more financial burden on the backs of the Floridians you claim to care about. Can you see why everyone hates you? This is some really extra Florida stuff here.


The Disney legislation won’t go into effect until June 2023, but it could cause massive economic fallout for the company, the surrounding communities, and the millions who visit the Orlando amusement park every year. There is also the threat of Disney moving their operations out of the state completely, which would cause a burden on the state’s unemployment system. Just pile it on, Ron! They don’t hate you enough already, because Florida.

At least one good thing could come out of DeathSantis doing extra Floridas: Democratic victories. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison described DeSantis’ attack on Disney as a continuation of a “divisive agenda” geared toward booking interviews on conservative media at the expense of his constituents. Literally, DeathSantis. Here’s Orange County, Florida, tax collector Scott Randolph going through the financial fallout of your pointless move to dissolve Disney’s special self-governing status, you self-serving Floridaman.


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