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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Anti-Vax Protestors in NYC Complain They’re Getting the Finger From the Kids They’re Protesting

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] Anti-Vax Protestors in NYC Complain They’re Getting the Finger From the Kids They’re Protesting

The debate regarding kids wearing masks in schools is baffling, because parents are supposed to be hard-wired to protect their children from the things that can harm them. It’s possible most of the parents we’ve seen protesting outside of schools and screaming at school board meetings had their infants immunized as they’re supposed to during the first year of life, and then got those kids the vaccinations necessary to attend the schools they now picket.

But regardless of how they took care of their kids in the past, keeping them safe from COVID seems to be just a bridge too far for the science deniers and the easily influenced by Dr. Facebook. Instead of letting kids go to school as protected as possible, the Proud Boys create dangerous enough situations to put schools into lockdowns, while teachers and administrators are being threatened for having the audacity to stay healthy enough to teach kids while also not infecting them. Meanwhile, the kids overwhelmingly have been shown to not only not care about having to wear masks, they actually like it.

(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

But that hasn’t stopped the alleged adults in the anti-vax and anti-mask movements from creating human blockades outside of schools, a counterproductive way to get their point across if there ever was one. As they decry the protocols that have been put in place so their kids can attend school, they also complain about their children not getting an education. The masks go over their noses and mouths, not their eyes, geniuses. Talk about needing an education.

These protests continue to get bigger and louder, but now the kids have also started fighting back.

Out of the mouths of babes–ok, smart-ass teenagers–came some choice words for some protestors in New York City, along with a finger gesture that’s as common to the locals as the hot dog vendors on every corner. Our friends at Resist Programming tweeted a video of an altercation between protestors and teenagers where the adults with megaphones call them “indoctrinated” while screaming misinformation about the virus and the vaccines. The woman narrating the video unironically calls the students “brainwashed” for wearing their masks and shames them for giving her the finger as if they’re the ones in the wrong.

One protestor in the crowd certainly gets around.

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