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[COMMENTARY/WATCH] A Thank You Letter to Jim Acosta

[COMMENTARY/WATCH] A Thank You Letter to Jim Acosta

Dear Jim Acosta,

We follow each other on Twitter, but since I’m not the type to slide into someone’s DMs without a specific invitation, I thought I’d just make this public, because I know I’m not the only one who appreciates you.

You never once backed down from the Former Guy, not even after he kicked you out of the White House and you were reinstated. You don’t shrink from the MAGAts who only know your name because their Dear Leader threatened you, you just keep going. And now that we have a proper President and White House Press Secretary, the press is now getting straight answers delivered without insults, which threw you all for a bit at first, but it seems like everyone except anyone named Doocy is getting their journalistic sea legs back.

However, you’re out there doing some thankless work right now trying to get Republicans to answer questions, and I’m just here to thank you for doing that. What’s that saying: “If the insurrectionists won’t come to Acosta, Acosta will come to the insurrectionists”? Because if you can’t get them to sit for a proper CNN interview, you’re going to ambush them wherever they are and they can’t get away from you so easily. It’s, dare I say, GENIUS?

I’m not alone in my admiration for you, you know. I mean, the Force is literally with you, so I know I’m in good company here.

Check your action, Acosta! Here you are right up in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s grill and her body language gives her away every second. Look how badly she wants to get away from you. If this video was food, I would be full for a week, that’s how delicious it is. And you also went after Mo “Because Crooks is Too Obvious A Name” Brooks, because you are a LEGEND, Jim Acosta.


And if that wasn’t enough of a gift to the universe, you did it again to Not-Large Marge, but with added bonus Matt Gaetz!


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After all of these months of awful we’ve all been enduring, you went ahead and gave us even more with this glorious chestnut of an interview with Madison “Uber Alles” Cawthorn (Q-NC). You deserve all of the props for not just straight up laughing in their faces, King Acosta. I can only bow to your professionalism. You’ve seen my tweets, I’d be an FCC nightmare if I crossed paths with ol Qawthorn and his bland lying seditious face.

So thank you, Jim Acosta. Thank you for never backing down, for pressing the worst people with the best questions, and for always trying so hard to get actual real answers that you’ll never, ever get no matter how good-looking and smooth you are. I think I speak for everyone when I say PLEASE DO JIM JORDAN NEXT.

Gratefully yours,

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