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[COMMENTARY] Unarmed MTG Challenges AOC to a Battle of Wits

[COMMENTARY] Unarmed MTG Challenges AOC to a Battle of Wits

Marjorie Taylor Greene literally doesn’t have anything to do when she gets to her office at the Capitol every day. Ever since losing her Committee assignments, her “workday” consists of nothing except figuring out new ways to get views on Twitter. One of the MAGA Mean Girls, Greene knows all too well that negative attention is better than no attention, and what better way to stir things up than by calling out one of the right’s favorite targets, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC has been a lightning rod for MAGA ever since she emerged from obscurity rocking a serious red lip along with her street-savvy.

Now MTG wants to take on AOC in a debate. About the Green New Deal. No, really.


Greene wrote a thread on Twitter calling out Ocasio-Cortez, citing her years in construction as enough experience to talk about climate action, which she doesn’t believe in because of the Jewish Space Lasers.

Here’s the QIdiocy:

Of course, Greene is ill-equipped to take on AOC. Greene believes lizard people kidnapped and killed Tom Hanks and one of them is wearing his skin while drinking the blood of babies. Also, she’d rather hang out with her guns while badly doing CrossFit while pretending she had nothing to do with the January 6th insurrection.

Twitter seems to be somewhat split on this new attention-seeking tactic, which AOC hadn’t responded to at press time. Some are begging for it to happen so they can simply enjoy the public humiliation Greene would face if AOC agreed to a debate. Others are virtually rolling their eyes at yet another stunt from “Marjorie Manson”.

There’s a great case to be made for AOC to ignore all of Marjorie Taylor “I Won’t Be Ignored” Greene’s tweets.

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But then there’s a good case for her to maybe show up:

Those backing Greene would probably use a no-show as “proof” that “the left” can’t back up their support of the Green New Deal, because that’s how dumb bullies roll.

The most likely conclusion to this new stunt will be when Ocasio-Cortez tweets something that effectively ends the whole thing. For now, there is always the glory of Twitter trolling Greene.

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