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[COMMENTARY] TX GOP Congressman Creats Nazi Slur For Speaker Pelosi as Marjorie Taylor Greene Looks On

[COMMENTARY] TX GOP Congressman Creats Nazi Slur For Speaker Pelosi as Marjorie Taylor Greene Looks On

[Writer’s disclosure: I was raised Jewish but now consider myself atheist/agnostic]


It’s never okay to be Antt-Semitic, but it’s extra not okay when you’re an elected official making public statements where other people can hear you.

But that didn’t stop something called a Randy Weber from doing it anyway.


On Monday Weber (Q-TX), a far-right anti-LGBTQ extremist who has a history of using Nazi references, doubled down and repeatedly called the Speaker of the House the “Gestapelosi,” a contrived word referencing Adolf Hitler’s deadly, secret police force, known as the Gestapo. And to make it worse, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s had her own issues with not comparing things to the Holocaust, was standing right next to him when he said it.

Congressman Weber falsely blamed Speaker Pelosi for the mask mandate in the House, a mandate caused primarily by the lack of Republicans – across the country and in the halls of Congress – being vaccinated. But the Speaker did not order the mask mandate, a rule to help keep everyone safe from coronavirus, the Attending Physician of the United States Congress did. in observance of the CDC’s rules, something Congressman Weber knows.

Meanwhile, Marge clearly hasn’t learned a thing from her visit to the Holocaust Museum, because even a couple of Twitter suspensions hasn’t taught her to not compare the vaccines to the Holocaust.

There has been a national rise in comparisons between Nazism and the vaccines, when the reference is absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable. For example, in three separate occasions at a school board in Bethel, PA, false equivalencies were made to 1938 Germany and Joseph Mengele. A Nazi salute was also made by an attendee at one of the meetings.

The director of the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Laura Cherner, said these types of comparisons normalize antisemitic behavior and are a form of Holocaust denial. “If you truly understand the gravity of the Holocaust and its lasting impact on the Jewish community and our families, you would not so flippantly use Nazi symbols or Heil Hitler. It’s deeply offensive,” she said.

Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh Director Lauren Apter Bairnsfather agreed with Cherner. “This is the opposite of the Holocaust,” she said. “We’re talking about a public health crisis and trying to address it in a way that works. The Holocaust is about killing people. This is saving people.”


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This level of intolerance should never be represented by our Congress, and Twitter certainly let both Weber and Greene know it, not that either of them ever responds directly to criticism.


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