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[COMMENTARY] Two More Dubious Republicans Added to RNC Publishing Racket

[COMMENTARY] Two More Dubious Republicans Added to RNC Publishing Racket

Just two days after writing this commentary about how prominent Republicans with ties to Trump are inking 7-figure book deals while the RNC falsely inflates sales to get placement on bestseller lists, two of the more controversial figures from the Trump Administration are now joining the racket. It was announced on Monday that Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barrett landed separate million-dollar book deals. Maybe the publishing industry is just going through the awful Trump Crime Syndicate alphabetically at this point? John Boehner already has a memoir out there, so is Dan Bongino already at work on something not even good enough for wrapping dead fish?

Barr recently sold a book about his time at the Justice Department, while Barrett got a TWO MILLION DOLLAR ADVANCE for her missive on proper etiquette on the bench. You know, because she’s been on the Supreme Court for A WHOLE SIX MONTHS, Amy Coney OfDonald is an expert on “how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule”. Barrett is in a religious cult that subjugates women into becoming non-thinking baby factories, and she’s getting millions of dollars to have her antiquated beliefs printed and bound for posterity. Little early in the tenure for a How-Not-To, innit Sisterwife?

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And do I really need to go down the Bill Barr road? The list of former Trump sycophants profiting from literal human misery via the publishing industry is so long, it’s genuinely depressing. The fact that Barr is not only to remain free, but is also being paid to not be punished for his overt criming for the former guy, is so abhorrent that thinking about it for too long might make your brain start crying.

This is why actual writers have a tendency to turn to substance abuse.

I know you’re probably thinking, But Tara, no one is going to actually READ these books. And that makes it WORSE, not better, because if trees are going to die, the words printed on their skins should be put together well and show respect for the pages on which they live. The process of writing a book is difficult and wonderful and frustrating and exhilarating. These books are going to be ghostwritten hunks of dust-collecting, shelf-stuffing meaningless nothing, while countless great manuscripts will die in Google Docs marked “Draft 17” or whatever.

Here’s a tip for publishers who think all money is good money: IT IS NOT. Money generated from the deaths of Americans is very bad karma. Bill Barr looked the other way while the Trump Administration ignored the coronavirus and exacerbated the awful conditions at border detention facilities. Half a million Americans died while Bill Barr acted like an over-microwaved human lasagna with glasses. Useless people shouldn’t be rewarded. Criminals shouldn’t get to profit from human misery. It shouldn’t even have to be pointed out, but I guess it needs to be pointed out because this keeps happening.

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I’m sure the RNC will buy enough of his and Barrett’s books to get them to the top of the bestseller charts. It’s only a matter of time before Marjorie Taylor Greene is given money to write “her story” for some fringe Christian press (you can have her, weirdos).

I’ll just be over here trying to sell my cool little rock and roll love story that I wrote during lockdown which has nothing to do with politics. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to start doing some light treason to get the big publishing houses to notice me.

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