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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Turns On Trump Amid Myriad Military Scandals

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Turns On Trump Amid Myriad Military Scandals

Donald Trump takes away military paper

If you don’t like the news about something Donald Trump said he was going to do, just wait a few hours and he’ll completely reverse course.

That’s what happened on Friday after media reports circulated Donald Trump was going to defund the independent military newspaper Stars and Stripes, which was founded in 1861 and soon became the most important publication for members of the active and retired military. It was an extra and seemingly unnecessary move, considering Trump was already receiving widespread criticism as a result of Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece in The Atlantic regarding a 2018 visit to a military cemetery in France where Trump referred to the 1800 war dead as “losers” and “suckers”. While Trump scrambled to deny the story, Twitter was quick to bring up his comments about the late Senator John McCain and other examples of his open hostility for the bravery of the American military.

Donald Trump takes away military paper
[Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images] The look on his face tells you he has no respect for the men and women in uniform he’s saluting.


Joe Biden, whose late son, Beau, served in Iraq, was quick to criticize Trump.

You know it’s bad when you make Howard Dean do swears.

The Trump spin began almost immediately just as #TrumpHatesTheMilitary and #TrumpHatesVeterans were among the trends Thursday night as the bombshell revelations spread.

The truth dies in darkness, huh Donny?

But Twitter never forgets.

A real CIC, what’s that like? Oh, maybe like this.

This one is going to stick, especially now that Fox News confirmed the Atlantic story late Friday afternoon.

His brother isn’t the President, but he plays one on TV.

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