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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Trolls Trump Jr For Suggesting His GF Should Replace McCain on ‘The View’

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Trolls Trump Jr For Suggesting His GF Should Replace McCain on ‘The View’

[Writer’s disclosure: I have been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump, Jr since January 2017]

There was much rejoicing on Twitter when Meghan McCain announced she was finally leaving “The View” before her contract ran out. There have been plenty of suggestions as to whom her replacement should be–I’ve twit-pitched my own idea countless times of hiring Ana Navarro for Monday through Thursday, with an inclusive rotating panel of women from Twitter on Fridays that would eventually get to me, but so far nobody from “The View” has contacted me.

One new idea floating around Twitter on Friday came from a source who probably hasn’t slept in days: Donald Trump, Junior. “Coke Drip Jr” suggested that his paid girlfriend stepmommy, Kimberly “Kimmy Golddigger” Guilfoyle, replace the outgoing McCain, because why not replace unearned white privileged nepotism with more unearned white privilege nepotism, but with an added history of sexual misconduct in the workplace? You can’t unsee this image of a histrionic and manic Guilfoyle shrieking “THE BEST. IS YET. TO COME!!!” from the 2020 Republican National Convention as she apparently beseeched the MotherShip to beam her back up so she could hibernate and rest for her return to devour what’s left of Junior’s soul.

It’s unlikely that any member of the Trump Crime Family will ever find themselves gainfully employed by anyone in the mainstream media, let alone “The View”. The side-eye alone from Whoopi and Joy Behar would set off a physical imbalance on that panel if Kimmy Golddigger and her enhancements to look like Melania 2.0 were sitting next to them.

Trump Jr. tweeted: “LOL, hey ⁦@ABC⁩ even I’d tune in to see ⁦@kimguilfoyle⁩ do this. Kim vs the other 4 doesn’t seem like a fair fight though. You may need a few more libs”… which led Twitter to remind him whose son he is.

LOL, Coke Drip Jr.

Just another reminder for The View that I’m monumentally available to share that Friday seat!

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