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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Trashes ‘Turd’ Cruz For Calling POTUS ‘Jimmy Carter 2.0’

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Trashes ‘Turd’ Cruz For Calling POTUS ‘Jimmy Carter 2.0’

The Republican Party is operating at Threat Level Midnight now that the Trump Organization indictments–all 15 of them–have been handed down by the Manhattan DA. The Grand Jury is just getting started, planning to sit three days a week for eight hours a day to review the information and evidence collected in the investigation, so as one Twitter pundit put it, this is just the tip of the (Allen) Weisselberg.

What this means is it’s time for the Trump Faithful to drag out another Hunter Biden conspiracy, or use Ashli Babbitt as a human distraction, or something else that might draw the public’s ire away from the Bigly Bad charges that are still forthcoming. And nobody loves to throw themselves upon the altar of Trump to sacrifice himself faster than super loyal human toadstool Ted Cruz, who famously did nothing when Trump called his wife a dog and accused his father of assassinating JFK. You’ll also remember “Cancun Cruz” for abandoning his constituents during the worst Winter Storm in Texas in decades while laughing off proposed climate change legislation.

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Ted Cruz might be the most hated person on Twitter not named [insert another member of the GOP’s name here] for so many reasons. This is the guy who picked a fight with Seth Rogen, who destroyed Cruz with one hand while the other one was holding a joint. Cruz cares more about his attempted Twitter punditry (which fails every time, Raphael. EVERY. TIME. Because Republicans aren’t funny) than American democracy, and he sure doesn’t want us talking about either January 6th or the Trump Org indictments, so he decided to go on Fox News and pick on President Joe Biden by…comparing him to one of the most beloved ex-Presidents in history.

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To speak ill of Jimmy Carter in his post-Presidency years is almost unthinkable, as the man has devoted himself to a quiet life of charity mostly out of the public eye, building houses for Habitat For Humanity even at the age of 96. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are about to celebrate their SEVENTY-FIFTH wedding anniversary. Cruz remains loyal to the former guy, who cheated on all three of his postpartum wives. But tell us more about Joe Biden, Turd Cruz.

Tell you what, Ted: you can whine about PRESIDENT Joe Biden when you’re called to appear before the January 6th Special Select Committee. Liz Cheney’s questions should be especially fun to watch. Until such time, here’s Twitter shredding you into a fine powder you can share with Don Jr and Lauren Boebert.

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