[COMMENTARY] Twitter Trashes Ted Cruz For Terrible Tweets

It’s always a good day when Texas Senator Ted Cruz gets ratioed on Twitter, which happens fairly often. On Thursday, it happened again because Cruz seems to believe no women have ever died as a result of complications from pregnancy. The self-avowed Pro-Lifer liked being pregnant to being sick, tweeting “Pregnancy is not a life-threatening illness, and the abortion pill does not cure or prevent any disease.”

Cruz was referring to Mifiprex, a drug that blocks the hormone progesterone, which is needed for pregnancy to continue. When used in combination with another medicine called misoprostol, Mifiprex is used to end a pregnancy before approximately up to 70 days since the first day of the last menstrual period. Cruz’s argument is that this particular drug shouldn’t exist because it neither cures nor prevents any diseases.

But learning about how icky girl parts work is not the milieu of the Republican Party, because abortion is their favorite hot-button issue to press. And it’s a particularly effective distraction even in the middle of a pandemic, record unemployment, and a contentious presidential race.

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Twitter took up the mantle to school Cruz on why he’s once again wrong about what women want and need.

Not all of the hot takes on Ted were funny jabs. Plenty of women took the opportunity to tell him about their own difficult pregnancies and other healthcare issues that they might not have survived without an abortion or the use of drugs to discontinue their pregnancy naturally. Singer Chely Wright shared her scary experience with pre-eclampsia, a common complication that can rapidly become life-threatening without proper medical treatment.


No less than the President of NARAL chimed in as well.


Cruz continued to double down on his stance on Wednesday, chiding USA Today for recycling old quotes (as if it made them less true) and trying to rationalize the GOP’s continued insistence on interfering with women’s healthcare when they never seem to police the mens’. This irony wasn’t lost on Twitter, either, as the Viagra jokes flowed like…well, let’s just the pundits get the last word here.

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