[COMMENTARY] Twitter Shreds Politico’s “Both Sidesing” With Ben Shapiro Op-Ed

A week after an insurrection incited by the newly twice-impeached, one term two-time loser of the Popular Vote left six people dead and the Capitol building vandalized, the Democrats brought one Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump in the House. Despite arguments against it from his remaining sycophants who are just as guilty of sedition and treason as he is (and quick aside–why would anyone keep defending a guy who would have been perfectly fine with them becoming collateral damage? Do any of them think the Dipshit Militia would’ve been able to make the distinction between the less well-known Democratic and Republican civil servants?), Trump was impeached for the second time, with only ten Republicans bravely breaking with their party to vote for American over Trump.

Of course, everyone on the internet has a take on what went down on January 6th, and as we’re still learning about the perpetrators and the inside help they received, more people are wondering why some Republicans are still sticking with Trump. At a time where the future of the Republican party is uncertain, some are coming forward to say they voted against impeachment because they feared retribution from Trump’s voters. Let that sink in: elected officials are now scared of their own voting base thanks to Trump and those who continue to push his hate agendas.

Ben Shapiro says female arousal is scary
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Enter Ben Shapiro, one of the more reviled Trump surrogates whose willfully obtuse tweets are so tone-deaf, it’s as if he invites the ridicule he gets on purpose. As a writer, I probably would stop being so public about my affection for a felonious seditious traitor, but Shapiro has zero sense of self-awareness. However, he also seems to have a really good agent, because his stuff gets picked up by a respected website like Politico for some reason.

Shapiro’s essay about why Republicans really voted against impeachment appeared in Politico’s Playbook newsletter, which was guest-edited by MSNBC host Chris Hayes in the interest of presenting a “both sides” take. The move immediately brought criticism to the usually respectable news site, because Twitter apparently knows better than a website dedicated to politics just how terrible Ben Shapiro is.

By late Thursday it became clear that the editorial decision wasn’t sitting well with some Politico staffers.


There is no longer a need to “both sides” the issues any longer. The right has plenty of free places to run their mouths, they don’t need to be given free rein on Politico. Especially when it turns out there’s shady shit going on behind the scenes right around the same time a huge insurrection is about to go down at the Capitol Building.

Do better, Politico. And that goes for any other media outlet who thinks they need to give anyone from the Trump camp any space in the interest of “healing”. They need to be treated as internet pariahs from now on.

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