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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Roasts Trump After Another Crazy Press Conference

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Roasts Trump After Another Crazy Press Conference

Oops, he did it again. And this time the gaffe is so big, Twitter can’t stop shaming him for it.

One day after the bombshell revelation that Donald Trump not only knew how deadly the Coronavirus was, but he deliberately downplayed what he knew to the American people, he faced reporters and attempted to shift the blame to the man who interviewed him, instead of admitting to saying what is clearly heard on Bob Woodward‘s tapes. Twitter was already in overdrive from Wednesday’s news, but Trump doubled down Thursday in front of the cameras and the hits just kept on coming as “President Woodward” starting trending.

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It all started when ABC News White House Chief Correspondent Jon Karl asked Trump a simple enough question: “Why did you lie to the American people?”

The aftermath was brutal.


“Why didn’t Bob Woodward stop me from criming?” is indeed a little much. There was also the matter of a little spot of murder. Specifically, the revelation in the Woodward book that Trump helped MBS get away with it. The reactions to that were less humorous, of course.

Perhaps someone should hold Trump accountable for this, then?

There are many questions to ask Nikki Haley, but this is a particularly excellent one.

How dare you quote him back to him, reporter doing your job.


Well, at least you won’t be alone while you’re doing it.


And because there isn’t enough going on all at once, there just wasn’t time to talk about how the entire West Coast of America is on fire.

And let’s not forget how Trump let Tucker Carlson casually scapegoat Lindsey Graham on his show Wednesday night.

And we still have to get through Friday.

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