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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Reminds Mike Pence About That Time He Was VP For A Guy Who Threatened His Life

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Reminds Mike Pence About That Time He Was VP For A Guy Who Threatened His Life

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the fragile mediocre white people in the GOP, it’s that they love to whitewash and rewrite recorded American history until it’s been whittled down to the “good parts only” version, which is not coincidentally what they also do with the Bible. Is that blood or the stain from cherry-picking on your hands, Republicans? Just kidding, it’s both!

In current MAGAWorld, Donald Trump is responsible for all the good that’s ever happened, up to and including the death of Osama bin Laden, even though it happened during the Obama administration. But what are facts and things easily searched on the Google when you can just tell your wilfully obtuse cult followers that they aren’t hearing and seeing all of the things they’re hearing and seeing?

Mike Pence holds Trump rally, a full months after the election.
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
Which brings us to Mike “Where’s Mother?” Pence, who’s trying to run for President all by himself like a big boy, but he keeps forgetting that Donald Trump owns him in some way we all haven’t quite figured out yet. It’s tough to say which version of Pence you’ll get on any given Sunday, I guess it depends on how much it burned when he took Communion before making the rounds on the news shows.

This week, the Mike Pence who was targeted on January 6th by a crazed cultish mob chanting his name, the same Mike Pence who told a room full of GOP donors and supporters that “Trump is wrong” about the 2020 election and essentially everything, is also the Mike Pence who went on Fox News and blamed Joe Biden for inheriting Donald Trump’s giant mess, because he knows he needs the MAGA base to think he’s still with them even though they totally wanted to kill him.

We’re not going to forget January 6th, and we’re not going to let anyone pin Donald Trump’s failures on Joe Biden. Also, nobody actually likes Mike Pence and it’s unlikely he’d ever be the party’s choice on the 2024 ballot unless Ron DeSantis is also somehow too busy with investigations and depositions and stuff. Meanwhile, it’s never a bad idea to remind Pence and anyone else trying to rewrite our history that we’re just not having it.

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