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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Invokes George Carlin to Put Matt Gaetz In His Place After Awful Abortion Take at TPUSA

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Invokes George Carlin to Put Matt Gaetz In His Place After Awful Abortion Take at TPUSA

I’ve lost track of how many CPACs and rallies and conventions MAGA people need to make themselves feel better about losing, but there’s another TPUSA happening in Florida this weekend, which means there are extra Nazis and white supremacists in that alligator swamp full of cocaine than usual. And if it’s Floriduh, that means the cast of Qaracters who have gathered to spread hate, propaganda, and most likely the Omicron BA.5, are dropping all kinds of bottom-feeding trash everywhere they go.

It’s long been a daydream of mine to speak the truth to a room full of these people just to see what would happen, but also I would have to make sure I had the best security ever. It’s not just the delusional made-up stuff we need to worry about, it’s the systemic racism, Antisemitism, and misogyny combined with centuries of repression that makes them all so dangerous. They’ve all reached the point where they HAVE to keep believing the Cult 45 Qrap, because they can’t possibly have been wrong all along. The willful obtuseness is extraordinary and I would love to have a nice long chat with a cult deprogrammer on how we could put their teachings into practice en masse, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Proud Nazis just hanging out where members of Congress are speaking, nbd.

The misogynistic tropes surrounding both rape and abortion are pretty heinous, but they’re even viler when coming from Floriduh Man and (ALLEGED FINE WHATEVER) sex-trafficking rapist Matt Gaetz in front of a room full of incels who are all sad about constantly having to inflate their girlfriends. Here’s Captain Venmo on why so many liberal women need to just sit there and try to look pretty when it comes to the topic of their own bodily autonomy:

This is just one reason why Democrats have called TPUSA “an extremist convention,” but all those Nazi flags held by people who are fine wearing masks to conceal their identities but not prevent the spread of COVID (so brave!) are also kind of a tell.

While some Twitter users attacked Gaetz directly, others just dragged him for trying to do a George Carlin joke and not being able to pull it off, because Republicans aren’t funny, but especially not those accused of paying off teenage girls after he raped and sex trafficked them.

I mean, this is where Gaetz made the comments, so just imagine a room full of white people fueled by the heat and Wild Cherry Mountain Dew Xtreme. FLORIDUUUUH.

Again, NAZIS. Just out there in the open. In America. In 2022. But do go on about how scary pronouns are or whatever, Gaetz & friends.

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