[COMMENTARY] Twitter Gives Boebert Another History Lesson

[Writer’s disclosure: Lauren Boebert has blocked me from her personal Twitter account]

The dumbing down of the GOP has been on full display ever since Donald Trump descended that gold escalator in 2015, an appropriate metaphor for where the party’s been going ever since. And it apparently has no bottom floor. Just this weekend, we’ve seen egregious displays of educational deficits from the two most glaring examples of why paying attention in school matters a lot. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) demonstrated her lack of knowledge regarding literature, technology, and pop culture references. Not to be outdone, her freshman Qolleague from Colorado, Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert decided to continue tweeting her obtuse series of one-liner tweets making blanket statements like “Mass shootings are illegal” that she neither explains nor defends. Like a toddler dropping a deuce in a plastic potty, she just leaves a floater behind and keeps on making other messes elsewhere.

Boebert’s nonsensical Weekend Edition to this trend involves Marxism, which the recent GED recipient compared to a Ponzi scheme. Twitter loves nothing more than to “well, ACTUALLY” anyone in the wrong, but there’s that special thrill when it’s someone who’s so dumb, it’s painful to look at them.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
“Marxism is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever devised” tweeted Boebert on April 17th, which was close enough to Bernie Madoff’s death that maybe she had just learned the term. And then all of Twitter said, “We’ll give you a million dollars if you can explain Marxism without asking the Google (and even if some of us don’t quite know ourselves, at least we’re smart enough to admit when we’re out of our element).” Take a note or hundred, Squeaky B:

In a perfect world, Lauren would read the same New York Times article her buddy Marj did and get ready to be hauled off by the FBI. They’ll both have plenty of time in prison to learn what the words they use actually mean.

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