[COMMENTARY] Twitter Drags McEnany For “Feet” Typo








Kayleigh McEnany went from being paid to lie for the Former Guy when she could be bothered to hold press conferences, often hiding behind giant binders filled with lies, to be paid to lie on State TV (aka Fox News). Like all Trump sycophants no longer in his employ but still somehow in his sway, McEnany continues to obtusely tweet criticisms about the new administration while pretending like she wasn’t once a Trump critic.

Because the right completely freaked out over Joe Biden holding his first press conference where he didn’t call anyone a name or lie about the coronavirus or do anything else the Walking Human Garbage Fire did anytime he scolded the press, they had to find the tiniest hairs to split and then try to blow up into enough content for a whole Fox News segment. At least when McEnany came for the President today, she did it with a spectacular typo that was like a sweet little gift to Twitter.

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McEnany, a Harvard Law School grad, tweeted about President Biden’s upcoming presser by giving credit to her former boss. As of Thursday evening, it was still up. But just in case the humiliation of seeing both “Feet” and “Harvard Law” trending gets to McEnemy–sorry, McEnany–here’s a screenshot to treasure.

Twitter immediately went into hyper overdrive with the dragging.

At least she can’t spell things wrong when she’s lying out loud.

It really hasn’t been a great day on the socials for anyone still connected to the Former Guy. Traitorous sentient paper plate Jason Miller was also getting his share of heat regarding his own comments on the press conference as well.

But really, the most joy in the dragging was watching people cleverly dispatch McEnany so ferociously she was forced to acknowledge her mistake, and it really didn’t help her at all.


And then Kayleigh decided to take beat feet and go home, but the door still hit her on the way out.

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