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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Drags Don Jr For Unhinged “Motel 6” Video

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Drags Don Jr For Unhinged “Motel 6” Video

Donald Trump, Jr. tries so hard to get his father’s attention and love and always fails miserably. Fortunately for social media users, Junior isn’t aware of this fact and keeps making videos for his “fans” where he rambles incoherently about whatever his latest perceived transgression against his family might be. Sometimes he just lays in a bed, sometimes he’s in a motel room, probably with his mommy/girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle cutting more lines of cocaine just out of view. When someone doesn’t realize they’re the laughingstock of Twitter, it certainly creates some entertaining moments.

Monday morning saw the release of another incoherent and unhinged Trump Jr video, apparently recorded in a cheap motel room, presumably in Georgia where two of his fellow criminals, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, are campaigning in the Senate runoff elections. Ignoring reality is what the Trumps do best, and Don Jr proudly carries on that tradition with an unhinged rant about….well, everything, it seems.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Instagram]
“Every major media outlet spent weeks and months trying to pretend that the Biden’s weren’t tied to China, that… there was nothing shady at all about Hunter getting a billion dollar investment from the Chinese government,” Don Jr. rants in the video. “I mean, this isn’t like he’s dealing with a Chinese businessman that happens to be an American, or an expat or something like that, but from the actual Chinese government. It was as though it was a conspiracy theory, it was as though it was a hoax and now we see that I guess the U.S. marshals and people in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud, and I imagine it’s amongst other things.”

No one really expects anyone in this family to tell the truth–there’s no mention of his father’s secret Chinese bank account or his sister Ivanka’s many Chinese patents for things like voting machines and coffins–but the deeper Jr dips into his coke stash, the more unhinged his rants get. Twitter certainly recognized what was happening and wasn’t shy about letting him know.

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