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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Drags Democrat ‘One Term Sinema’, McCarthy, Other GOP Over Tone-Deaf MLK Tweets

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Drags Democrat ‘One Term Sinema’, McCarthy, Other GOP Over Tone-Deaf MLK Tweets

Do not adjust your screens, the hypocrisy you’re seeing really is just that awful.

Republicans, who think it’s fine to ignore their own voting base just to make it harder for people of color to elect more Democrats, took some time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on Monday as the country marked the 93rd birthday of the slain Civil Rights leader. Every single member of the GOP who tweeted in remembrance of Dr. King also refuses to pass voting rights legislation, so Twitter showed them just what happens to Trumpocrites on their watch.


But the dragging wasn’t just for the GOP, because Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who cares more about Party City than the Democratic Party, also completely misread the room by tweeting her own obtuse take. It’s bad enough her state was the very last to recognize Dr. King’s birthday as a holiday, but Sinema is also fine with pressing charges against young activists who could get deported. And then there’s that whole being shamed for the rest of history by no less than Martin Luther King III, who let it be known that he’d rather not hear his father’s name coming out of Sinema’s mouth. Even Emily’s List is all, “We don’t know her” now.

“They think the real problem isn’t that our rights are being stolen—they think the real problem is a disease of division that can be cured with some optimism and conversation,” Martin Luther King III said at a press conference on Monday. “My father worked to bring people together … But he knew that when someone is denying you your fundamental rights, conversation and optimism won’t get you very far.”

But “One Term Sinema” went there anyway on MLK Day, and the resulting ratio is already a thing of legend.


It got so much whiter, though.

Yeah, he did. That one was so bad, House Democrats called him out for it.

Hot tip, sitting members of Congress who still tweet: pass voting rights and no one will drag you (for that, anyway). It’s as simple as that!


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