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[COMMENTARY] Twitter Blasts Matt Braynard’s Big Failure

[COMMENTARY] Twitter Blasts Matt Braynard’s Big Failure

There’s a reason “#J6Loserfest” was trending on Saturday during the “Justice for J6 Rally” in Washington, DC, and that reason is organizer Matt Braynard. Full disclosure: I created the hashtag, because I have reasons. Braynard miraculously appeared at the end of an interview I did with the local Trump-endorsed candidate for Congress, Joe Kent, who intends to primary popular incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler, although I didn’t know who he was at the time I published the article. But hoo boy, I learned about Braynard soon enough.

A former Trump 2020 campaign staffer, Braynard typifies the kind of guy you’d expect to be on Trump’s staff: all bluster and intimidation, disappearing anyone away from a camera or the media should they capture a moment of truth about his intentions. Unfortunately for Matt Braynard, he showed up too late for my talk with his pal Joey, so he couldn’t stop Kent from admitting on camera that he intends to audit not just his, but all elections in 2022 that Republicans don’t win. Braynard was most likely summoned by Kent’s campaign manager (who looked to be fresh out of college and probably isn’t going to be with the Kent campaign too much longer because he clearly didn’t vet me before agreeing to my interview request), because he began texting furiously once Kent tried to charm me by saying, “I usually get softball questions” and I responded with, “Yeah, I don’t play softball.”

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But ANYWAY, Matt Braynard made sure the rest of my day was difficult. So I made sure my Twitter followers knew that the same guy behind the most unnecessary rally in all of American history was also the same guy who had plainclothes private security intimidate me at Joe’s rally. And then Braynard–who, thanks to a typo, may also occasionally be known as “Matt Barnyard”, and I’m not even going to correct that if it happens–blocked me, because that’s what all of the cowardly MAGAts who cry about ‘cancel culture’ end up doing whenever I dare challenge them with undeniable truths.


The J6Loserfest is just one indicator that Trump is losing his touch, or maybe people were just worried about getting arrested, a sentiment already being echoed by Democratic lawmakers.

Either way, police estimated that only maybe 200 or so people showed up to whine about their friends being in prison for breaking federal laws and threatening to assassinate sitting members of the U.S. government. And there was much rejoicing–on Twitter, where the vox populi loves their MAGA Schadenfreude served fresh and piping hot. Here’s a collection of some of the best dunking on Matt Barnyard’s Big Loss While Still Crying Over the Big Lie, with most pointing out the small crowd size with extra glee.

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