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COMMENTARY: Tuesday’s Mass Shooting Was the GOP’s Fault

COMMENTARY: Tuesday’s Mass Shooting Was the GOP’s Fault

How many more Americans need to die before the Republican Party stops allowing people to be murdered by wackos that are permitted to purchase firearms?

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It is too god damn easy to buy a gun in the United States, especially in the conservative South. Cough medicine is quite often more tightly regulated than guns.

Tuesday night’s mass shooting across three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia, is the latest grisly consequence of the right-wing’s militant refusal to enact a single modicum of gun control.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the shooter – a 21-year-old white kid – had purchased his weapon just a few hours before he committed the atrocities against six Asian women and two men, one of whom was white. The other male victim, a Hispanic man, was the only survivor.

Robert Aaron Long was apprehended by police while driving to Florida after he was identified by his parents. Officials say that he was on his way to kill more people.

“After the Cherokee Sheriff’s office released surveillance pictures showing the suspect in the shooting, Long’s parents reportedly contacted police to identify him. Authorities were able to track his movements down I-75 and coordinate with Crisp County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia State Patrol to initiate a traffic stop. GSP troopers executed a PIT maneuver and said they took him into custody ‘without further incident.’ Early Wednesday morning, Long was extradited to Cherokee County where he is currently being held,” Atlanta’s 11Alive, an NBC News affiliate, reported.

The details of the events leading up to the domestic terror attack are infuriating, particularly surrounding the weapon wielded by the assailant.

Two senior law enforcement officials briefed on the matter tell NBC News that the gun [Robert Aaron] Long used in yesterday’s shooting spree was purchased legally and it was purchased yesterday prior to the shooting. Georgia law enforcement officials said they were confident it was a 9mm handgun that was used in the shooting and that it was the only handgun they have found so far. The two senior law enforcement officials said the timing of the purchase the circumstances purchase did not run afoul of any federal gun law or procedure,” according to 11Alive.

That is precisely the problem.

Firearm sales have increased dramatically over the last year, and violence against Asian-Americans has skyrocketed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, due in large part to the baselessly racist blame that former President Donald Trump placed on China.

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Remember: half a million Americans died under Trump’s watch. The official Chinese death toll is 4,636.

Whether Tuesday’s killings were driven by Long’s “sexual addiction,” as law enforcement has claimed, or if they were racially-motivated, has yet to be officially established.

Nevertheless, if lawmakers are not going to step up and protect the lives of their constituents, then they should be held criminally culpable for any and all future acts of gun violence.

Enough is enough.

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