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[COMMENTARY] Trump’s Misogyny Will Sink Him at Final Debate

[COMMENTARY] Trump’s Misogyny Will Sink Him at Final Debate

Just hours before the last Presidential Debate of 2020, Donald Trump decided to release the raw footage from the already infamous “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl where he presented a huge blank book instead of a real healthcare plan and walked out when the questions got too tough for him. Before he stormed off, he insulted the multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, saying she was being tough on him on purpose, employing his usual tactics to get out of a situation he didn’t want to be in at all in the first place.

His well-documented misogyny has played out continuously in the media, whether it’s his comments regarding women’s’ appearances, how easily he can grab them by their wherever, the more than 35 nearly identical rape and sexual assault allegations, and his dalliances with porn stars. There’s also his inappropriately close relationship with his older daughter, Ivanka, and the remarks he once made about his then-infant daughter, Tiffany, inheriting her mother Marla Maples’ breasts and legs.

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Trump’s open hostility towards the press isn’t anything new, but he reserves his most pointedly mean comments for the female members of the White House Press Corps and other media outlets who dare ask a question that can’t be tossed to him as gently as a Nerf softball.

That’s why Thursday night’s debate will serve up a double whammy for a moderator: a female White House correspondent who’s sparred with Trump at more than one press briefing, NBC’s Kristin Welker. While she hasn’t released the debate topics to the public (and despite a whiny letter of complaint from Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, the debate will cover more than just foreign policy), expect Welker to hold both candidates’ feet to the fire while a member from the Debates Commission will be on standby to mute the mics when either goes over their allotted speaking time.

While some of Trump’s advisers have told him to change his tactics to avoid the same chaotic result as the first Presidential Debate provided, that won’t last. Expect Trump to start out that way, but then get easily triggered by both Welker’s tough questions and Biden’s deep knowledge of the topics. Biden is fully ready for anything Trump might say about his son, Hunter, who’s become the target of a full-on right-wing disinformation campaign, while his own kids seemingly get a pass. But Trump might end up directing most of his anger at Welker instead.

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Trump himself has already admitted he hates tough questions, but he really hates it when those tough questions come from women. Who else but a narcissistic misogynist would feel entitled enough to tell a woman that the things she’s asking him about–which he agreed to discuss on camera–are “stupid”. or that “she doesn’t think” or the other insults he’s tossed at female members of the media. But there are times where he can’t help but tell on himself, as he did with Stahl.

And while the Babylon Bee isn’t a real news source, this tweet is a little too on the nose, as most had very low expectations for Trump prior to the debate.

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Check back tomorrow for the Debates post-mortem.

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