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[COMMENTARY] Trump, XI, MBS, and Putin Are Working Together to Bankrupt America

[COMMENTARY] Trump, XI, MBS, and Putin Are Working Together to Bankrupt America

*Editors Note: No Dem Left Behind is a grassroots coalition dedicated to electing Democratic nominees in Red districts. Their goal is to bring the party together in a way that has never seen before by focusing on areas that are overlooked. Their hope is to show you that there are candidates from across the nation that are always ready to fight the good fight and stand up for what matters most. HillReporter is happy to offer their commentary. -BDG

The headline might seem far-fetched, but this is very real. The United States is printing money at record levels, while not collecting taxes from the richest .001%. The U.S. deficit continues to grow, and Republicans no longer preach balancing the budget or paying down the national debt. America is racing towards catastrophic level debt, and who benefits the most from this? China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

Can it be that this has been the plan all along? Rig an American presidential election, elect an idiot, throw one thousand and one distractions a day at the American people, and pump up the stock market so no one is the wiser.

Question: How is the stock market continuing to grow, when we have over 20 million Americans unemployed, and a 15% unemployment rate?

Answer: It is not growing, the Fed is printing money and dumping it into the hands of Trump’s billionaire donors — while Moscow Mitch and the Republican-controlled Senate watch.

What happens when the United States reaches the point of no return? Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia will begin their long-planned takeover of America. If we don’t get Trump out of the Oval Office, there will be nothing stopping these forces from swooping in and repossessing American assets.

The Statue of Liberty will belong to Russia.

The Golden Gate Bridge will belong to China.

America’s gold reserves in Fort Knox will be owned by Saudi Arabia.

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This is what will happen if we have another four years of Trump, the good news is we have the power to stop it. No Dem Left Behind is committed to doing whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump and the treasonous Republican party this November.

No Dem Left Behind was founded because they believe that every candidate, every district, and every state deserves accurate representation. 

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